Natya Gurjari: A Community Organization

NatyaGurjari team

Seated on sofa and standing, from L to R: Kirit Udeshi, Ashesh Shah, Jigna Shah, Jahnvee Solanki, Priti Vasavada, Jay Joshi, Mihir Shah, Ilona Desai, Paresh Parekh, Prasen Vasavada, and Dalvinder Multani. Seated in front row, from L to R: Nilay Bhatt, Vishal Parikh, Apurva Vaidya and Mahesh Joshi.

The Natya Gurjari is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 with explicit objective of sustaining and enhancing our rich cultural heritage in performing arts and literature via Gujarati theater.


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