About Us

Our Story

The Natya Gurjari is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 with explicit objective of sustaining and enhancing our rich cultural heritage in performing arts and literature via Gujarati theater.  Contemporary and historical Gujarati literature is studded with excellent Plays written by renowned authors and we intend to celebrate this treasure by staging selected Plays.  In our region, we have critical mass of Gujarati-speaking people who are culturally savvy and enjoy traditional as well as innovative Performing Arts activities.  We believe that there is a void of Gujarati theater group that provides quality, clean, family-oriented entertainment with meaningfully insightful social message.  The Gujarati Plays will be staged using local resources and with the assistance of abundant talent available in our community.  Many community members have passion for acting and other theater-related activities, and it is our desire to provide a platform to nourish and showcase their talent by staging quality Plays.  We intend to stage one or two Plays every year.

Our Mission

The Natya Gurjari is an open forum and no membership is required.  As they say, best things in life are often around you! Please get involved and support your own theater group by publicizing, coming and watching our Plays or by participating in our activities!  Be proud of your linguistic and literary heritage, trust your innate talents, express an artist in you and make a difference in enriching cultural tapestry of our community!  If you are interested in any aspect(s) of theater such as, Acting, Stage Management, Set Design, Set Construction, Lights, Sound, Music, Make-Up, Costume Design etc., and want to participate in our activities, please contact
Natya Gurjari at natyagurjari@gmail.com; or
Jay Joshi at: jayjoshi@comcast.net;  or
Jay Joshi at: jayjoshi1819@gmail.com .

Thank you!