Current Production

Natya Gurjari presents; Parnu to Ene j Parnu’ , A three-act hilarious Gujarati Play written by Bakul Tripathi who was a celebrated prominent humor author of Gujarati language. The Play is a highly entertaining comedy family drama with meaningful underlying message. The story highlights the paranoia of an aging hypochondriac, frugal, rich man that he is soon going to die of some imaginary disease. His first wife dies, leaving one daughter and he is consumed by worries that the second wife will gobble up all wealth upon his death and daughter will be penniless. To safeguard his money and also to provide a comfortable economic life to daughter, he launches a plan to marry her to a certain boy. However, his second wife, his unmarried sister, and his daughter have their own different plans. Hilarious, twisting and turning sequence of events ensue! Will his daughter marry? To whom? Come and see the Play to find out the outcome of these multiple comic struggles in one family!.